Iconic Designer, Karl Lagerfeld to be Cremated Without a Funeral Service

According reports, the late creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, for Chanel’s wishes to silently be put to rest will be met. Karl Lagerfeld will be cremated without a ceremony, in honour of his final wishes.

A spokesperson for Chanel said: “His wishes will be respected.”


This comes after Largerfeld was always open and honest about what he wants to happen after he dies. In an interview, he revealed: “I’ve asked to be cremated and for my ashes to dispersed with those of my mother… and those of Choupette (his cat), if she dies before me.”

According to reports, Lagerfeld’s decision to be cremated was inspired by French singer Johnny Hallyday’s funeral in 2017.

After seeing the massive turn-out at the French singer’s final goodbye, Lagerfeld reportedly said: “I’d rather die. Since those miserable Hallyday family stories, a funeral at the Madeleine looks like a joke.”

Lagerfeld died in the American Hospital in Paris on Tuesday morning, after he was admitted the day before.


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