I Wasn’t Happy In My Marriage So I Walked Out – Ghana’s OAP, Nana Yaa Konadu Reveals

Peace FM newscaster Nana Yaa Konadu popularly known as Mama Africa has revealed that she had to walk away from her marriage because of abuse.

The news anchor who also doubles as a social commentator made this known in an interview with seasoned blogger and TV host Zionfelix.

In the interview Mama Africa stated that she walked away from a relationship which she refused to classify as marriage because of the emotional abuse she was going through.

Nana Yaa Konadu claimed that she is currently single, not searching but attached.

A confused Zionfelix asked her to explain what she meant by that and her response was that there is someone in her life but they are not together currently because she decided to walk away from the relationship.

According to her, when two people decide to be together, they need to agree on certain things and therefore if the agreement is not there, the best thing to do is to opt out and that was what happened in her case.

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AS a speaker on social issues, Mama Africa felt that she cannot be in the position to speak on people’s relationships when her own marriage was nothing to write home about.

As such she never used her marriage as a case study to advice other people.

The celebrated newscaster revealed that there were a lot of issues in her marriage and it was mostly because the man she was with was not willing to get rid of the external influences that were trying to take advantage of them as a couple.

She added that once the man was not willing to cut off the “weed” growing around their plantation, there was no option but to let him go.

When asked if she would take him back if he had a change of heart, Mama Africa stated that she has moved on and it is rather too late to go back to him.

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