‘I Was Expelled From 4 High Schools And Dropped Out Of A-levels And Campus – Kenya’s Njambi Koikai Shares Her Story

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai did not have an easy time in school after being expelled severally right from high school, to A-levels and even in campus.

The reggae lover who shared her story on Instagram, revealed that her condition saw her study for much longer than she was actually expected to.

Fortunately enough, she completed all her studies.

I was expelled from 4 high schools, dropped out of A-levels, went to Daystar University, graduated in 2008, joined USIU dropped out in 2009 and went back and finally graduated in 2016.
Na mi ni emcee wa reggae…… *excerpts from my book*




In another of her posts, she admits that Endometriosis and Adenomyosis robbed her off, her younger years.

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis had to do with all my struggles in high school and all the expulsions and Uni. This disease robbed me off my younger years. Affected my social life and certainly my studies.

Painfully adding:

It created a shell out of a once bubbly, energetic, ambitious little girl.
This disease is brutal and is affecting millions of women silently.


However, she was quick to joke about how despite the several institutions she joined and courses she took, her dream of becoming an ´ambassador´, drowned.

Anyway tukiwa USIU we had dreams of becoming ambassadors especially we who studied International Relations. I majored in Peace and Conflict and a minor in French. Nikajiambia eeeeh vile tutaleta peace Somalia, Sudan na Kenya.. kumbe conflict sahi ni ya dede ama locusts.



Speaking of her fellow classmates, she believes only a small percentage actually went ahead to become the anticipated ´ambassadors´.

Weeeeh i think ni wasee kama 10 maybe wanafanya hiyo kazi ya ambassadors na si brand ambassadors 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The brave woman did not forget to thank all who stood by her side during her most trying times, never giving up on her.

Special shoutout to my girl @mimi_letion who helped me during very turbulent times at USIU while i battled Endometriosis. So shoutout going to everyone working a job they never studied for. God got you and there’s a great purpose in all that you’re doing.


Despite the struggles, she remains grateful.

All in all, i have a heart of gratitude. I’m thankful to God because i will also conquer Adenomyosis.

It’s been 21 years of pain. 21!!!!!!! I’m just happy to be here.. God has been so good to me.



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