“I Was A New Parent And We Did Not Know How To Handle Things” – Kenyan Singer Bahati Talks Parenting

Popular Kenyan couple, Bahati and Diana Marua spoke about how first-time parenting as a couple, took a toll on them.

Speaking to Parents Magazine, Diana revealed how tough it was for her when she got their first child, Heaven Bahati, while lacking a support system.

It was so hectic because I was extremely exhausted and Bahati was not there. And when he came home, he would go straight to bed yet I expected him to help me out with the baby. At that particular point, I did not understand that he was working to provide for us. I felt all alone. But I now realize that it was a learning point for both of us.


In his defense, Bahati attested:

I was doing a lot of things at the time because I know it is my responsibility to provide for my family and in my defense, I was a new parent.

For new parents as a couple, Bahati and Diana were in the dark on how to go about parenting.

When Diana went through post-partum depression, we did not know how to handle it because I thought since I was working, I was doing the right thing. But marriage being an institution where you learn on the way, I had to learn at that particular point and I believe I am becoming a better man every day.


Today, they solve their issues amicably, unlike back then, when they would seek a pastor´s counsel whenever they had misunderstandings.


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