I Regret Having Tattoos – Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe Says

Huddah Monroe, the popular Kenyan socialite and business woman has opened up on her regrets over the tattoos she had drawn on her body.

While taking to her Insta-stories, she mentioned that she although she was warned before getting the tattoos on her body, she never listened.

She further advised that young people should always listen to their elders when they are told not to do somethings.

”Sometimes I regret having tattoos. I remember before I did them, someone told me, ”You will regret it one day. Believe me, listen when someone older tells you things. Those things will come to pass,” she added.

This is not the first time Ms Monroe is going public with her regrets. In June 2017, Huddah expressed regrets concerning her sex life, wishing she could not have engaged in it.

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In her statements the Huddah cosmetics CEO, mentioned that she did not like some of the sex partners she had in her life, saying if possible she could undo the sex they shared.

While speaking on her sex life, Huddah said:

“Sometimes I wish I could unfuck some people I fucked before. Urgh!! I hate regretting. And then you want to unfuck them but they still call and check up on you like they don’t see how angry your soul is,” said Miss Monroe

“Imagine if you get pregnant by someone you regret ever being with and you have to live with that regret for life.” Wrote Huddah.


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