I Need To Psyche Myself Before Marriage – Ghanaian Actress, Gloria Sarfo

Actress Gloria Sarfo has indicated that although there is pressure mounting on her to get married from family and friends, she needs to psyche herself before she enters into the institution of marriage.

The actress who made this known in an interview, marriage needs preparation, money and has a lot of demands and therefore she needs to psyche herself before she enters into it.

She noted that family is piling pressure on her to get married because her kid sister is married and she is not growing younger.

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She said, “me personally, the one after me is married, so when it gets to the gatherings and family meetings and all that, charlie, the bashing is too much everybody”.

“Especially, when you are fortunate and have a good big body like me….. eei you are growing ooo, you are growing, it is emotionally stressful. The society, the pressure is too much, the pressure is too much on me.”


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