‘I Missed Being On Set’ – South Africa’s Lusanda Mbane On Her TV Return

This is a role she never knew she needed. Actress Lusanda Mbane has been cast as Makhosazana on Imbewu and after months off screen, this is just the perfect fit.

Fans first fell in love with Lusanda when she played Boniswa Langa on’s Scandal. She left the show after five years. She spent a little over three months working on her business, Zazi Zithande Zithembe.

“Playing Makhosazana is the return I never expected. She has had me hit the ground running. I played Boniswa for years and after letting go of the role, I had to mourn her and Makhosazana has been a great welcome back to the screen character for me.

“After playing her for five weeks I can tell you that I have fallen in love with her. She has no limits and I am made to go to places I never thought I would ever be made to go for a character. She makes me feel anxious and [has me] thinking what my children and family are going to say watching this. It is really amazing. I think one of the biggest differences between her and Boniswa is that Boniswa had children and that often anchored her somehow, now Makhosazana akana nja akana kati (she has no cat or dog or family) and so she will do anything she needs to do without any limits.”

She has missed being on set after being away.



“From July until September, and maybe a little bit of October I was able to see so much growth in the business. I really used the time efficiently and we are able to see the rewards of that hard work. But I am a person who functions better when I have a lot to do.

“I think if I had pushed it a full for months or more away from the camera I would have started to lose it.”

Makhosazana is a blast from the past for Menzi Vilakazi, played by Muzi Mthabela.

“This time has been beautifully overwhelming, and I never thought about working in KZN as a possibility, but here I am. I have my husband and children in Joburg, so I cannot just up and go but the people of Imbewu have been incredibly accommodating of a Joburg-based artist.”


She was in KZN shooting and had to travel between the two cities over the weekends.

“I arrived on the set of Imbewu to find everyone so warm. I felt respected and acknowledged. This is a recast, but I have never been made to feel like second best.

“I do not know who was initially cast for the role or the details of how or why she is not doing it now. I made a conscious decision to focus of interpreting her the way I saw come alive to me.”

She is currently in Joburg shooting something else for another channel.

“I am blessed to be able to live out my dreams and do what I love.”


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