“I Love Him But He Lives In A One-bedroom “Face Me I Face You” Apartment” – Nigerian Lady Seeks For Advice

A Nigerian lady seems to be in a sort of dilemma and she seeks the help of online users in this troublesome ordeal.

The lady, on an online media platform, shared how she’s been in a confused state over her affair with her current boyfriend. According to her, they both share mutual love and respect for each other but in the regard of living standard, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to live up to her expectations.

She revealed in her narrative that her said boyfriend resides in a one-room face-me-I-face-you apartment and this has her disturbed. She was oblivious to where he lives before but upon finding out, she was at the verge of calling it quits with him.

She revealed that it’s the love and care that her boyfriend has shown her during the span of their relationship that has her at cross roads over what to do concerning the situation.

She went on to state that she intended on supporting him financially to help him move out of his residence but his current financial situation worsened the whole thing for her.

She wrote,

Since I started dating, I’ve never met a man like this. So caring, cute, neat, hygienic, generous but unfortunately, he doesn’t have much but the little he has, he’ll spend on you and make you feel like a queen.

He stays in one room face me I face u. Initially, when I found out, I said I was going to quit but the love he showed me was so overwhelming and I couldn’t quit. He said he’s making plans to move out and he won’t be renewing his rent in may. I agreed.

I fell in love with him too and became comfortable with his room but I made it clear that I will never pass the night at his place. You know how love can be blind, I found myself pass the night once and again and again then I asked him about his plans to move out, how much does he have at hand to rent a new place because I was secretly planning to support him with some money to add and he said he doesn’t have up to 30k. I was angry and so dissapointed at him.

Right now I’m thinking the whole thing over. I don’t think I can continue. Please advise me”

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