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I Have Never Felt Safe Or Protected By African Men – Kenyan Singer, Victoria Kimani

Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani has stated that she has never felt safe or protected by African men.


In series of tweets she shared, Kimani averred that African men reduce their women constantly and break them down to a size that serves them only.


She went on to state that African women should not be reduced to punching bags, sex toys, ego boosters and servants.


Her tweets read;

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I can’t lie … have I ever felt safe or protected by African men? Nope

African men reduce their women … constantly. Break them down to a size that serves them only. Damned if I do & damned if I don’t. It’s in your Dna …. you can’t help it.

African women are Not your punching bag…not your sex toy, not your ego boosters, not your servant and certainly, not your enemy.


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