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I Have Been Ridiculed For Embracing Who I Am – Juliet Ibrahim

Apart from being one of the most celebrated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim is well known for acting the part of a social media influencer that floods her Instagram page with inspiring messages and anecdotes that motivates as many as are tuned in to her.

It was on this platform that she took to reveal somethings about herself. The beautiful actress disclosed that due to her appearance, she has been called a lot of names and ridiculed.

She particularly hinged on the fact that she has obvious “k-legs” which have attracted the displeasure of others and have caused her to be mocked severally. In spite of this, Juliet said that she has chosen to embrace who she is and it is this mindset that has set her to achieving great things.

The young entrepreneur took the time to address those who feel insecure about themselves. She said that for these people, it was not enough that they were not happy for themselves, they also liked to drag others into their pity party.

But for the actress who recently bagged an award, the secret was not pulling others down alongside our insecurities, but to embrace one’s flaws as this is the only way one can get to limitless heights.

“See, I have been called all sorts; “k legs” mocked and ridiculed, only because I embrace who I am and i’m not afraid of pushing the limit.

Those insecure about themselves will always try to make others insecure about themselves, but my secret has always been to embrace my flaws and be proud of my uniqueness.You cannot walk runways and grace billboards, talk less of be the face of multi-national companies if you don’t appreciate your uniqueness and embrace your flaws.”

Fans have responded in different ways to the actress’s reflective words. While some told her she was without flaws and was perfect, others keyed into her statements and took a grain of wisdom from it:


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