I Don’t See Anything Wrong With ‘Weed’, It Was Created By God – Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor and preacher, Majid Michel, has expressed his view on the legalisation of weed in Ghana, saying he does not see anything wrong with the use of herbs.

In a report shared on, Majid said: “I’ve done drugs before, I’ve indulged in drugs before. I’ve done hard drugs. I don’t mean weed. I don’t see anything wrong with ‘weed’. It was God-made. It was created by God.”

The actor, however, added that he has never seen anyone overindulge in weed while listing the hard drugs he had done previously in his youth.

“I’ve never heard of anybody who has overdosed on weed… I’ve done things out of weed. I’ve done cocaine. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

“I’ve done other drugs that if I told you right now, you’ll not be able to pronounce. These were years back and I didn’t struggle to overcome it,” he said.

Nonetheless, he has reminded Ghanaians that weed although is made by God, and medicinal does not force anybody to be violent as it is widely perceived.


According to him, brewing and drinking weed isn’t such a bad thing compared to smoking it.

“Maybe because of the smoke… maybe that’s why health-wise to smoke it’s not the best but to brew it, to drink it… I don’t see anything wrong with it. You drink teas, don’t you?” he probed.

Majid has shown his support for the legalisation of weed but has warned that if the government wasn’t ready to take full responsibility for its legalisation, then it shouldn’t authorise it at all.

“I am for it completely but then again before anything is legalised, the government must make sure that they are ready to take responsibility and must exhaust the consequences that come with the legalisation of ‘weed’ before a decision is made.

“Before the government decides to pass a law for the legalisation of weed then they must make sure that they have exhausted all possible avenues by learning from countries who have done it,” he advised.


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