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I Celebrated My Divorce – Kumawood Actress, Portia Asare

Actress Portia Asare Boateng, whose marriage journey with Rev John Wilberforce Aidoo ended three years ago, has disclosed that she was highly fulfilled when she finally exited the union.

According to her, she was very unhappy while married to Rev Aidoo and was left with no choice but to make a “tough decision”.

“It wasn’t advice from family. It was a personal journey. At a point, I released that it’d affect my relationship with God,” she said on ‘Restoration With Stacy’.

“Because I’m a media person, I paid more attention to what people would say and I stayed. It got to a time I felt I couldn’t go anymore.”

Although she was tight-lipped about what caused her to be unhappy, the television personality stressed that there were a number of considerations before a final decision was taken.

“This is a case the church came in. It’s an individual fight and you need to mind yourself and know that where you are going to, it’s okay for you; and then you take the step”, she stated.

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Portia who, according to reports, has remarried, further mentioned that the feeling after the divorce was indescribable though she pointed out that she celebrated the outcome.

She said: “I was at peace with myself, I was at peace with God. When I do something and I feel like I don’t have the conviction, then I know I didn’t do the right thing. But this is something that I did that I’d say I even celebrated in my own quiet time. I was comfortable, I was happy, my heart was at peace, my soul was rested…”

While establishing that she is the type that keeps her personal life away from the public despite being a celebrity, Portia noted that news of her divorce went rife three years after the incident.

Watch the interview below;


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