I am Living in a Sober House…Battling Addiction – Wendy Williams

The media personality made this personal revelation known live on her show. Wendy said she is currently living in a sober house somewhere in the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey & CT and has been there for some time now.

Wendy teared up quite a bit as her audience listened intently and in shock. She went on to reveal how she has battled cocaine addiction for a long time without seeking help until recently.

Even though she didn’t mention which substance she is presently addicted to, the very vocal media girl talked about her experience with other guys at the sober house where she is presently receiving treatment.

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It would be recalled that Wendy Williams took a break from her show to manage her dilapidated health. However music star, Nick Cannon stood in for her while she got her health back on track. Wendy Williams sparked rumours back in December 2018, when it was reported that her marriage was in a brink of collapse.


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