Hunger Making Me Switch From Doing ‘Sensible’ Songs – Ghanaian Singer, eShun

Talented Ghanaian singer eShun has revealed her quest to survive financially has pushed her to follow the latest trend in music. eShun is one versatile female singer in the music industry.

She has always been tagged as one of the few people who produce “insightful” songs but her recent track with Cabum seems to give people different impressions.

According to her, she used her earlier days to prove her vocal abilities and it’s now time to cash in on her talent.

In an interview with Zionfelix uncut, she had this to say “change is imminent and it’s only a fool that doesn’t change his or her mind. I have paid my dues vocally because everybody in Ghana knows eShun can sing and it’s time to listen to my fans”.

The “Fa Me Kor” singer told Zionfelix she decided to do music to please the public because they asked for it and it is their patronage that brings money to the table.

In her words, “I want to do more of the songs that people love because they will spend money on tickets to watch you perform”.

This notwithstanding, eShun assured fans that she is currently pretty much okay financially.


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