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“How I Was Raped By Two women At A Party – Nollywood Actor Maduagwu

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu revealed how two women raped him at a party because he looked like an usher five years ago.

Maduagwu took to his Instagram page to reveal deep secret about himself on Wednesday, saying that because of that rape, he now had phobia for night parties.

“I have a phobia for night party, I was raped at a party because I looked like an usher. This happened 5 years ago in Lekki, I have never shared this trauma-filled story with anyone before, and the only reason I am even talking about it now is because a lot of friends are always asking why I am so selective when invited to parties in Naija like other celebrities.

“Firstly, I get paid to party in Lagos, Abuja or any where in Nigeria; secondly, I don’t just accept “appearance fee ” to attend any party, I need to be sure of my safety, because what happened to me at a party in Lekki 5 years ago is still traumatic to say the least.

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“My manager contacted me about a party, ok, I said he should negotiate the “appearance fee” which he did, but on that very night, while partying and I think I had too much drink that night, so I tried going to the toilet, I never knew two ladies were following me, I was tipsy, the next thing I heard, one of the girls, who said she was based in Canada or UK, was telling me I looked so much like an usher, that she needs to taste me.

“Before I know what was happening, these two ladies raped me illegally without showing mercy,” he narrated.


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