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“How I Was Molested By Housemaid At Age 11”- Nigerian OAP Do2dun Opens Up

The on-going rape allegation surrounding COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo has definitely sparked up the courage for more Nigerians to speak up. The latest is a Nigerian OAP popularly known as Do2dun who has revealed how he was molested at age 11 by their housemaid.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Do2dun declared today as his day of independence has he shared his experience with the housemaid identified as Folake.

He wrote: “Folake would want me to bath with her all the time, in the process asked me to fondle her breast, stick my fingers in her vagina, sometimes when she isn’t satisfied, she gives me things to stick in countless times, pulls my peepee, she will masturbate and make me watch and after the whole process, she will threaten never to tell anyone or else she will kill me. I started to get fond of it so much that I’ll refuse to take a bath with my siblings, refuse to eat any food except she serves it.

“I didn’t know what it all meant to me but I started to get fond of going through that process. She eventually left, I became very withdrawn from other kids in school, I was very angry, I started to struggle with getting along. In my JSS especially, I developed a defensive mechanism of lashing out almost before anything was altered cos I felt in my head I was bigger than anyone coz I had done what they haven’t done before. Sex conversations was a taboo and so they were not in my league. I lived through school as a pretty stubborn one, not so bad in my studies but could have been better. my parents went through the hell of correcting me for everything, I and a few other kids started to love porn books like Lolly, Nackson, Hints & hearts.

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”I actually paid a guy (Seun surname withheld).. if you attended Mayflower School Ikenne, you all will know who that is. At some point I became so withdrawn, I couldn’t talk to women that were my age, I just wasn’t fitting in and then I only subscribed to only women who liked me and told me anything else.. naaah!… Folake was all was in my head and I rode with this till my university days then I started to masturbate a lot, I had a withdrawal mechanism, I wanted to be loved so badly, I started to lose my self-confidence In relationships I managed to have, nothing mattered, I was always seeking for validation, I was too hard on myself, I had to question myself many times if I am normal or not, I came across as a confident kid for those who know me but it was a front hence why I started to get too loud so I can be noticed, or too crazy so I would be the cheer of the moment but deep inside I still wasn’t fine. I built walls so much that you have to be as clean as snow for me to believe or trust you. I knew something wasn’t right and so I masked it.

“This is who I am. I got sacked twice from work only because I spoke up and fought for people. You all think Busola is crazy or stupid? The system have grown so many myopic men and women who ask questions “why now” “why did she take this long” “touch not my anointed” bla! bla!!… listen women are wired to take their secrets to the grave and for her to come out, she did what most of you can’t.”



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