How Butt Surgery Boosted My Self Confidence – Nigerian Actress, Tonto Dikeh

When controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, a.k.a King Tonto, went under the surgeon’s knife to enhance her butt, she came under heavy criticism for taking such a decision which many described as ‘fake life.’

However, the actress who is never afraid to air her opinion whenever the need arises has revealed that undergoing butt surgery boosted her self confidence.

“The major thing I disliked about my body before was my tummy. It was so big, and I love to put on high waist cloths. So, when I dress up the dress would be folding because of my big tummy. But since I did my butt surgery, my confidence has increased. I no longer put on my clothes at home; even people at home are tired of me. I’m always happy with my new look”, she said in an interview with BBC Pidgin. Speaking further, she explained why she now flaunts her big butts a lot.

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“Men run after butts too much; once you have a big butt that’s how they would be running after you like something else. Who doesn’t know before that I have a good shape; if I don’t flaunt it now people would still criticize me so why don’t I just flaunt it?” She added that as against African mentality, she would continue to talk about her sensuality to anybody who cares to listen.

“Based on African mentality, people still haven’t come to terms with butt surgery. But why would I be ashamed to say I did butt surgery? I have broken away from that stereotyped norm that African women need to be silent about some things about their body.”


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