Hospital On Lenses After Patient Dies Of Negligence.

Kapsokwony Sub-County Hospital in Bungoma region remains in spotlight after a client passed away while delivering as a result of medics negligence.

The citizens in the location are currently contacting the Ministry of Health and also Bungoma County Government to explore the behavior as well as degree of dedication of the paramedics in the health center before lots of clients proceed passing away.

Last week, a woman died in the facility while giving birth and which according to family, it was because of negligence by the attendance, something that brought a buzz in the social media.

According to residents, the negligence and incompetence among the medics in the facilty is not new thing but historical.

“We lost a kid in the hospital who urgently needed medication but was attended 3 hours after we arrived here some time back,” said Jemimah Temko, a resident in Kapsokwony.

She added, “When we talked to one of them, she rudely replied, ‘Sisi Tunajua kazi yetu na usitufundishe’ (We do know our job, don’t lecture us), and two hours later, the child died.

“The story of negligence and incompetence has not started today, but it’s historical. You take a patient there you also end up becoming a patient too,” said Mudogo, another resident.

On Friday, the management of the hospital chased away members of the press who visited the hospital in order to find out what happened and this has been slammed by locals.

Elgon Young Professionals (EYP) Chairman Diphus Kiprop told News24 that it was indeed devastating trend from professionals and that justice must prevail.

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“Some lack passion for their work. They should serve people with dignity and humanity even when a person dies, they have done their part,” he said.

He added that there are many health professionals who are yet to be employed and ready to work with passion and those in the job should stop reluctance and work for the people or resign.

Since the devolved health came into effect, some of the hospitals in the area have been hit by the same negligence of the medics complimented by the lack of enough human resource in the hospitals.

Residents in Mt. Elgon are calling County government to employ more medics in the area and hold public opinion on the service delivery in public hospitals including impromptu visits to the facility.

Our effort to speak to the hospital management went futile after they chased the media while holding stakeholders meeting on Friday.

Last Week, Kakamega General Hospital was in the news for poor handling of patients and lack of beds for them while others were forced to share beds, a devastating scenario in the health sector.

The National Government, in the just concluded Governors summit in Meru said County Governments are not doing enough to foster the health services in the jurisdiction despite heavy funding from the central government.


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