Hilarious! See How Nigerians ‘Roasted’ a Ugandan Man Who Tried to Diss Them on Twitter

A social media war between a Ugandan man and Nigerians has ended in a sad note after the man was ‘roasted’ beyond recognition.

The Ugandan man tried to diss Nigerians
A Ugandan man has learnt his lessons the hard way after he tried to diss Nigerians on Twitter but got the bashing of his life.
The Ugandan with the Twitter handle, Arthur Musinguzi had this morning said “Nigerians who say ‘I’m going to take a shower’ and then they kneel down on a basin to pour water on walls (hard bodies)”, in an apparent bid to ridicule Nigerians was shocked when he got the sad awakening as Nigerians came hard on him.
Even after being warned by his fellow Ugandans, but like the figurative fly, he decided to follow feaces to the grave.
Here are the hilarious responses from Nigerians:
Source: Tori

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