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High Unemployment Rate Makes Uganda Youths Desperate For Change

Over 50% of Uganda’s population is youth aged 35 and below and they are desperate for change.

President Yoweri Museveni, 76, has been in power since 1986 and is seeking re-election.

His strongest challenger, Bobi Wine, was only four years old when Museveni took Kampala after a five-year rebel insurgency.

Being 38, young people believe Wine is more likely to appreciate their grievances.

25-year-old Namanya Render is a university graduate but has never been lucky to get a job.

As campaigns heated up, he became one of the pioneers of a drive against police brutality and dedicated his time debunking empty promises made by president Museveni over the years

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“You can`t be sure he is going to deliver as he says but we are just hoping maybe this time Bobi Wine is different. We are hoping he is going to be a better politician, a better president with employment opportunities, less brutality, less corruption, less nepotism… that`s what we are hoping for. We are hoping for a just Uganda for everyone”, said Namanya.

Some 18 million people are registered to vote on January 14.


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