Here Are The Last 3 Films Releasing In SA Cinemas This Year

It’s the final countdown to 2019 and what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the cinema?

The final offerings of 2018 include The enchanting return of Mary Poppins, a failed attempt at the modern remake of Robin Hood, and the not-so-festive Christmas movie Ben is Back.

Here are the 3 new films releasing in SA cinemas:
Movie: Mary Poppins Returns

Our rating: 4/5

Short review: This modern version of the classic children’s book is excellent and worth a trip to the cinema.

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Movie: Ben is Back

Our rating: 4/5

Short review: Ben is Back is undoubtedly driven by the powerhouse performances of its stellar cast.

Movie: Robin Hood

Our rating: 2/5

Short review: What could have easily been a gripping and gritty tale of good versus evil becomes a big budget Hollywood extravaganza.




Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Second Act


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