Health: The Colours Of Urine And What They Say About Your Health

Have you at any point asked why your pee is an uncommon shading?
The shade of your pee can show a wide range of conditions.

These pee hues are just a guide and there will be some shade variety individual to individual.
A large portion of us will be acquainted with the darker yellow shading, which implies you are got dried out.

But the hue of your pee can also inform you of other, more serious, conditions. These colours are only a guide and there will be some shade variation person to person.

Here is what each colour means:

1. Pale straw

This is the optimum colour, not too light and not too dark.

Dr Luke Powles, GP at Bupa Health Clinics, told Cosmopolitan: “If it’s lighter [than pale straw], you’re probably drinking more water than you need to.”

2. Dark yellow/amber

Usually when your urine is dark, this means you’re lacking a lot of water.

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If your urine is more of an amber colour, it means you need to get a few glasses of water down you.

3. Green

Usually this colour is harmless and can be a result of something you’ve eaten, like asparagus or artificial food colouring.

But it can sometimes be down to certain medications, or a rare genetic disease.

4. Red

This colour may seem alarming and sometimes it is – but in most cases it’s not down to foods.

If you’ve eaten foods such as beetroot or rhubarb, than this shade of wee is harmless.

Dr Powles added: “Sometimes it can be blood, which may be related to a bladder, kidney or prostrate problem including infections and cancers.

“If you cannot clearly link it with something you’ve eaten and it’s not settling quickly, go and see your GP.


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