‘He Got In With Her Permission’ – Zanzibar Hotel Jumps To The Defense Of Man Who Tried To [email protected] Nigerian Tourist

The management of the Warere Beach Zanzibar, Tanzania, has described the accounts of a Nigerian tourist who had a bad experience at their facility in 2021, as a one-sided story, claiming that the accused got permission from the tourist.

The hotel came under heavy criticism and received an unprecedented downward online review after the tourist, Zainab Oladehinde, shared her harrowing accounts from visiting the hotel in 2021, on a solo trip, to mark her 23rd birthday.

Zainab narrated her ordeal on how she was nearly raped by a stranger who unlawfully entered her room when she was asleep.

Making its first public reaction to the accounts of Zainab, the management of the Warere Beach Zanzibar, Tanzania, has said that while it was aware of the accounts of the tourist, the details are not as they have them.

The hotel also claimed that the accused – a man who is reported to have unlawfully entered the room of the tourist at midnight and attempted to rape her, claimed that he got access to the room of Zainab with her permission.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the hotel said:

“He denied any wrongdoing on his part and insisted that it was Zainab who requested him to go to her room for a love affair. They’d been spotted together earlier. He got into her room with her permission and he did not break the door nor enter the room through other techniques.”

In a series of tweets, the hotel management offered its defence to the matter, expressing concerns that many people flooded online spaces to give it a downward rating when the majority of them had never visited the facility before.

“Following accusations of sexual assault through various social media platforms by a Ms Zainab Oladehinde, who stayed at our Warere Beach Hotel in April 2021 as a guest, we would like to add our detailed account of the alleged event in a clearer perspective as hereunder.

“Firstly we would like to mention from the outset that it is not our policy to respond publicly to any personal issues encountered by our guests. However, due to the fact that the said guest decided to go public, we feel, though reluctantly.

“That we are duty bound to respond and put the record of the alleged event in its totality. This is so, particularly since the said news was posted that our Warere Website was hacked and we were inundated by a massive release of negative messages.

“Within 3 hours we have received 4,000 negative reviews on Google from people who had never stayed at our Hotel but simply tended to believe a one sided story. It is true that we had Ms Zainab Oladehinde as our guest coming from Nigeria who arrived in APRIL, 2021,” the hotel said.

It further clarified that the man who entered Zainab’s room was not a staff of their hotel and that immediately they received the tourist’s complaint, they directed her to report it to the police.

“It is also true that she reported to our Management that a male security personnel (who is not our employee but was posted at our Hotel by the Security Company) went to her room and attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.

“Immediately we directed and assisted her to report the matter at the nearby Police Station as this is a criminal matter and falls under police jurisdiction to investigate and take appropriate legal measures,” it added.

The statement from the Warere Beach Zanzibar, Tanzania, explained that even though the police took the statements of Zainab, it also received with shock, the conflicting accounts of the accused.

“The Police took her statement of complaint and accordingly the accused person (a staff member of the security company) was immediately arrested, detained and interrogated by the Police. However, to everybody’s surprise the accused gave a different account of what happened,” it added.


‘Zainab’ and ‘Zanzibar’ have occupied spots on Ghana’s top trends on Twitter following a hallowing ‘attempted rape’ story one Zainab Oladehinde told on April 16, 2022.

The ordeal she described as a “horrible experience”, according to the Nigerian, occurred in April 2021. She had, however, not been able to narrate the encounter up until now because she had “been in therapy for a year to heal from the psychological trauma as this experience has been the most painful and traumatic experience” she’s ever faced in her entire life.

Zainab in her narration said she had left Nigerian for Tanzania for the commemoration of her 23rd birthday but her burning desire to have an exciting experience was doused after a mysterious man unlawfully entered her hotel room in an attempt to rape her. According to Zainab, while she was asleep, she felt a hand touching her breasts and later, her hand stroking a penis.

“There was a naked man lying on my bed and touching me at 2am in my hotel room! He started calling me “baby” and then I became scared because the room was dark as I had switched off the lights before I went to bed. Now, I was extremely scared,” she recounted.

What saved her, she said, was her comment that she had HIV hence the need for a condom in order for the ‘rapist’ to not contract the disease. After a while, the unidentified man left the room in search of a condom with a promise that “he’d be back with a condom”.

Zainab said she later reported the issue to the police but the reception at the police station was awful.

Below is her account as shared on Twitter:

















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