Diamond Platnumz Manager, Sallam Sharaf Recovers From Coronavirus

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Has Sallam SK Quit Working With Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz?

Sallam SK who is Diamond Platnumz manager is rumored to have quit WCB. His move apparently comes shortly after recovering from COVID-19.

This was reported by several Tanzanian tabloids who claim Sallam SK walked out on WCB due to unknown reasons.

They went on to imply the changes made on both the singers page; and Sallam SK were a clear indication that all is not well!

Sk who had previously put up a Wasafi email address on his bio – for those looking to book Diamond Platnumz erased it; while Diamond Platnumz did the same on his page. Sallam replaced his previous bio to ‘businessman’ while Diamond moved the email address to his bio.

Sallam SK responds

With the rumors spreading like wild fire on social media, Sallam SK seems to have come across the stories which he decided not to ignore.

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Through his Instagram page Sallam SK set the record straight in a well detailed post where he wrote saying;

Umewaona wale wanataka kuboost viblog vyao vimekosa habari, sasa wacha tuwape habari njema au unasemaje @diamondplatnumz Wajiandae leo au kesho kwenye Insta Live?

Anyway it is not known as to whether Sallam SK quit his job for good but after experiencing a life threatening illness; the manager might have decided to take some time off to reflect on his life.

However just like Harmonize’s story of leaving WCB, fans also await to hear from Sallam SK soon.


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