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Half-Clad Model Who Invaded Pitch Amid Champions League gains 1.7 million Instagram followers in 16 hours

In the 21st century, it is an unwritten rule that to count in society, all you have to do is resort to a silly, sensational stunt and suddenly the whole world wants to know more about you.

This proved to be the case once again with American photo model Kinsey Wolanski, who garnered more than 1 million followers for her theatrics during the battle for European honors between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Neutral fans argued that despite Jurgen Klopp’s men claiming the glory, the game was overall far from a spectacle, and Wolanski’s pitch invasion was one of the only highlights of the night.

A background check was conducted by News Of Africa and it was established that prior to her funny antics, Wolanski was a struggling model who, despite having a banging body, only amassed 341k followers on her Instagram page.

Compare this with the likes of Vera Sidika, who, despite pre dominantly being followed by East Africans, enjoys the luxury of 1 million fans lusting after her derriere on Instagram. As fate, or her stunt would have it, the blonde’s fortunes would change tremendously in a span of 24 hours as her stunt, which was witnessed by tens of million across the world, gained her some much needed mileage online. Barely 24 hours after the incident and another glimpse of her Instagram page revealed she stood at 1.8 million followers, and counting.

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We also got to learn that Wolanski is girlfriend to Russian-American YouTube prank star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and based on that piece of information, it is not difficult to see where the whole pitch invasion idea came from. Zdorovgetskiy also owns an adult site which gained some serious traction as a result of the free advertising at the most prime of times by his girlfriend. The female pitch invader has since spoken out on the incident where she encouraged her followers to live life to the fullest by “doing things worth remembering”.

‘Streaking the Champions League! Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever.’ She said during her stream on Sunday, June 2.



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