Google’s Threat To Australian Government Is An ’Empty Threat’ – Goldstuck

Tech expert Arthur Goldstuck says it is deeply disturbing to see Google threatening a government and a country, saying it will withdraw its service in Australia.

Google’s threats come after the Australian government told the world’s biggest search engine that it should start paying news outlets for their content. This prompted Google to threatened to block Australian users from accessing its search service.

Goldstuck has described Google’s threats as an ’empty threat’ and added that the world’s biggest search engine is benefiting hugely by having a presence in Australia. Goldstuck believes that the move by the Australian government is aimed at protecting livelihoods.

He adds that for many years, news outlets were happy that links to their content were posted on Google and Facebook Ink. But that has led to many media outlets losing out on advertisement revenue.

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Goldstuck adds that the essence of this piece of legislation is to protect media houses in instances where their livelihoods are threatened by the fact that their advertising is shrinking on their traditional platforms and is aggregated on Google and Facebook Ink platforms.

The Australian government introduced the proposed law in 2020 and has said failure to comply with the new legislation, Google could face millions of dollars in fines.

Both Facebook and Google have described the legislation as “unworkable” and that it would undermine the functioning of the internet.

Goldstuck explains why he believes the move will be beneficial to content producers.


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