“God Has Truly Blessed Me With A Beautiful Angel” – Floyd Mayweather Gushes Over His Daughter, Jirah

Floyd Mayweather has expressed his pride in his daughter, Jirah Mayweather and promised to always be there for her.


Jirah is a well-known cheerleader at her school and has participated in various cheerleading competitions.


Floyd Mayweather was there to support Jirah over the weekend as her team participated in the Cheersport Nationals, a national cheerleading competition.


Sharing a photo he took with Jirah Mayweather in her cheerleading costume, the former professional boxer wrote:

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Milan @JirahMayweather I’m so proud of you! God has truly blessed me with a beautiful angel! Keep working hard and always know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You will always be a winner in my eyes and if God forbid you ever fall, just know your Father will always be there to pick you up!



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