Ghanaian Rapper, Showboy’s Social Media Post Used as Evidence to Put Him Behind Bars

During the court proceeding leading to his conviction, the jury presented multiple media posts of Showboy.

In the posts, Showboy threatened to murder his acquaintance for reporting the incident to the police.

The social media posts were referred to and sighted as evidence for the aggravated battery charge that was meted out to him.

The court argued that the social media posts revealed his intentions and consequently justifies that he meant to stab and murder his acquaintance.

In July 2016, Showboy was filmed on an iPad stabbing his acquaintance by name Junior in a Wesley Herrington apartments in the United States (US).

Reports revealed that Showboy after a disagreement with Junior took a knife to stab him several times.

The witness who recorded the altercation told police the men were arguing when Safo bit the victim in the face and stabbed him in the chest, armpit and behind his ear.

Earlier before Junior reported the case to the police, Showboy had called the police to report the incident. In the report, he told the police that Junior and some others had come to his apartment to rob him with a knife.

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Showboy, known in real life as Sam Safo, however did not agree to meet with the police or lead them to his apartment where the incident occurred.

He also did not inform the police that he had stabbed and bitten someone during the alleged robbery incident.

Showboy was later arrested in Maryland and consequently extradited to Georgia to face trial for stabbing Junior.

The police after receiving a report from Junior found out that Showboy had lied about the entire incident. During the earlier trial in Georgia, Showboy admitted that he feared for his life, a reason he escaped to Maryland.

During questioning, he admitted inviting both men inside his apartment and acknowledged that neither of them had weapons, according to the DA’s release.

Safo was convicted of aggravated battery but acquitted of aggravated assault. He was handed a 15-year sentence with six years to serve in custody.


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