Ghanaian Rapper, Captain Planet Says The Best Way to Deal With Trolls is to Block Them

Rapper Captain Planet says the best way for anyone, including entertainment personalities, to deal with internet trolls is to block them.

He noted that blocking them is the surest way of preventing them from posting negative comments and attacking people.

The member of music group 4×4, speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM revealed that he has always been a victim of internet trolls.

“I’m the type that I have never replied anyone,” he told Andy Dosty.

Captain Planet stressed that “You don’t need to reply to every criticism” and that, “some are just attention seekers.”

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Asked if he replies internet trolls, he said, he will never reply to anyone who attacks him because not everyone who “follows you is your true fun.”

When Andy Dosty inquired how he deals with internet trolls, Captain Planet said he blocks them because “it’s the best way.”

The rapper explained that he used to get worried about people trolling him and “When I want to reply she [my wife] says ‘no…leave it.’”


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