Ghanaian Pastor,Obofour Flaunts His 25 Luxury Cars (Video)

I keep saying that Africans should pay homage to the White man for introducing Christianity in African─because it has provided more jobs and made smart men ride on others in the name of fake miracles to enrich themselves.

Reverend Obofour, the Nebuchadnezzar of our time stood in his huge garage and bragged that “this is my house and these are all my cars” to the cameras.

Whoa! The man who showed the F** symbol right in his church has over 25 luxurious and expensive cars─from, Mercedes Benz to most of the latest toys in town.

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Even his daughter who is not even 12 years old rides in a very expensive car─and all these cars are paraded in the garage of his mansion.

He even has a car which is powered by solar energy and he seems to be the first person to own such a car in Ghana.

Watch the video of Reverend Obofour as he displays his over 25 expensive cars.



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