Ghanaian Musician, Flowking Stone Reveals 4 Ingredients Of a Hit Track

Ghanaian singer, songwriter and performer, Flowking Stone has said that vibe, simplicity, jargons, beat and rhythm are the things that make a hit track in Ghana.

The musician was speaking on the Class Drive on Class91.3 FM in an interview with Prince Benjamin.

According to the singer, for one to make a hit song, the artiste must: “Follow the music in your head, then the second thing that I have realised is that to make a hit it has to be simple; when the song is simple it’s more likely to be a hit because people are not ready to decipher stuff right now because they’ve gone to work, they’re tired, their boss has stressed them and he’s back to listen to music to relax and you are giving him too much to comprehend.

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The third thing is the rhythm, he said, adding that in Ghana, “rhythm is very important, the groove, we like to dance in Africa, we really like to dance, so, you would want to play some type of rhythm in it that can make them move, people like to move here, so, if you want to get like a big hit, it’s easier if you do stuff that will make them dance”.

Then also, he added, “jargons help; if you have some jargons in it that they can remember after a while, that is also some big one”.

“The beat is also very important because you need to have some type of beat that hits them.”

Flowking Stone is currently promoting his upcoming album titled ‘Gifted 2’.


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