Ghanaian Military Lesbian Couple Who Got Married Allegedly Detained And Facing Court Martial (video)

A Ghanaian military lesbian couple who got married over the weekend, have reportedly been detained and facing court-martial.


In the videos shared online before their arrest, the ladies looked happy as they danced together while their guests cheered them on. The event led to divided opinions on social media as many asked why such “ungodly and abominable” event will be allowed in the West African country.


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Military lesbian couple who got married has been detained and facing court-martial

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Few days after the video went viral, some local news platforms reported that the taller lady in the video (the military woman) was detained by military authorities and is facing a court-martial.


She is reportedly facing a military court-martial for giving out a military uniform to a civilian, her alleged lesbian partner(who is a civilian) to take pre-wedding photos.


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