Ghanaian Footballer, Emmanuel Harrison Dies In Italy

A Ghanaian amateur footballer, Emmanuel Harrison has died in Italy after being diagnosed with unknown disease.


Italian news platform, Oglio Po reported that the 49-year-old man died 10 days after being admitted at the Oglio Po Hospital in Vicomoscano, a town in the northern Italian region of Lombardia.


Harrison who played for some amateur teams including Maffei where he led the attack, contracted the disease from a machine he shared with another employee at a local factory ‘EmiliaNa Parati’ he also worked in.

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The report added;


“Emmanuel worked at the Emiliana Parati in Vicomoscano and had made himself well-liked by everyone, colleagues in the factory, and dressing room companions.

“His physique, as well as his undoubted skills of a striker, helped him.”


Prior to his death, he was making plans of moving to London where his wife and three children live. He was reportedly constrained by paperwork.



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