Ghanaian Counsellor Adofoli Warns Young Person Not to Marry People And Expect Them to Change Later

The Popular Ghanaian relationship counsellor, Frank Edem Adofoli has advised young persons looking to settle to be wary of marrying men and women who constantly like to flirt.

In his recent write-up, the popular counsellor wrote: “The fact that I am not married to you does not mean you can be sleeping around with anyone and think you will stop or can stop when we get married.”

He added that if one is not faithful in their relationship or during the period of dating, they have no reason to be faithful when they are married.


Adofoli added that a man or a woman does not change because they got married.

“The ring on your finger doesn’t metaphor you into a different creature because you married.”, he wrote.

He added that the parts of one’s body that excited or drove them will still be the same when they get married.

He wrote: “The memory in your head which recorded the [excitement] doesn’t crash or get replaced or damaged when you get married. They are still intact, active and will play back to you from time to time in your marriage.”

Earlier, Adofoli preached that it would be dangerous for anyone to consider settling with people who cannot accept mistakes and reform.

For him, people of that nature do not see rooms for improvement. He added that people in love and want their partners to be happy consider small changes about partners in the relationship.


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