Ghanaian Celebrity Blogger, Ameyaw Debrah Announces Intention To Run For Presidency In 2020

Ameyaw Debrah
Ameyaw Debrah

More Ghanaians are getting interested in running the affairs of Ghana politically as Ghanaian celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, announced his intention to run for presidency in 2020.

The celebrated blogger took to his Twitter account to announce his intent.

Ameyaw Debrah, posted a picture with the caption “BREAKING NEWS: Ameyaw Debrah is running for President in 2020” and got the social network abuzz.


However, some skeptical Ghanaians would not take the blogger’s words for it as he is well-known for “playing jokes” with his social platforms.


Another user suggested that his account could have been hacked to sent the tweet

But some users, who probably took the bloggers words for it, went ahead to ask for more details.

Christopher asked which party Ameyaw would represent…

Ameyaw replied that he would be an “Independent” candidate and added that Akua Donkor had been calling him on purposes of becoming his running mate

Based on his replies, we can tell that Ameyaw Debrah is only joking with his claims, but it was a welcome idea among some netizens of Ghana.


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