Ghanaian Artistes Needs to Make Events to Stay On Top In The Industry – Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa

A Ghanaian blogger and CEO of EOD Intel, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa, an online reputation management firm has stated that Ghanaian artiste needs to create event in order to stay relevant in the music industry and stop blaming bloggers and media.

Speaking in an interview, he reacted to the question about the perception that most artists have that the media and bloggers pay more attention to them when they are dead than alive.

“If you are a celebrity and you don’t get attention is easy to blame the media, someone comes out with such statements to get a lot of attention.

However, we all know events are the things that create the needed attention and memories in the minds of people that is why we have sport, entertainment, exams and competition in schools to create blocks of memories to remember the school we attended and the things that we were thought.

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So if you don’t create events, and am not talking about “celebratory events” but activities such as a great performance, being consistent by working hard to release a hit song regularly or even doing something publicly interesting you are not going to get the attention you want”.

Ghanaian artiste needs to know and understand their market and understand that Ghanaians like to be wild with the news they hear and that is what get their attention so if you don’t do anything interesting you won’t get the results you want.”

He also advised record label to work on the artist brand, understand the industry and market them well to the world to get the needed attention.


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