Ghanaian Artiste, Wanlov Finally Reveals Why He Doesn’t Believe In Jesus Christ

Controversial Ghanaian artiste, Wanlov the Kuborlor born as Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu said he does not believe in the doctrines of Christianity because no one knows Jesus Christ.

According to him, no one has been able to show a ‘clearer’ picture of him hence the white man painted to be Jesus Christ is ‘false’.

“We don’t know God or Jesus Christ, we don’t even know if he is a bird or not. I do not believe in Jesus Christ and the picture of him. I do not believe he came to die for us. It has happened so many times even in other religions…” he said.

The renowned musician recalled that if the Europeans had not come to West Africa for slave trade purposes, which ‘God’ would we as Africans be worshiping by now as such the Christian religion was formed by the ‘white man’.

However, the ‘my Toto’ hit maker further queried if the Europeans and Americans would have worshiped the ‘gods of Africans’ had we conquered them in the slave era.

“If the European didn’t come here and let’s say the Ashanti Kingdom as the greatest ethnic group with Yaa Asantewaa among others decided to conquer the Europeans and Americans, they would have rather worshiped our gods…” he told Accra based Kasapa FM.

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When asked which religion he believes in, Wanlov stated unequivocally that he believes in the religion of goodness. Thus he only believes in helping people who are in need and doing what is deemed right in the society.

“I believe in Goodness. If you know what’s right then you do it. That is the religion I believe in. I do great things for my family and friends when they need me or are in need. That is what I ultimately believe in…” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the afro pop star likened life after death to light and darkness with regards to judgment when one passes away from the earth.

According to him, when life which is light goes off, darkness sets in and nothing else matters; the brain rots and the energy of consciousness departs.

“I don’t know about life after death. I think when the life goes off its darkness. I believe the energy which is the spirit will be there but I know the spirit doesn’t have a brain, the brain rots and the consciousness goes away…” he explained.


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