Ghanaian Artist Draws His Way Through Gymnastics

Artists around the world have their own unique styles when it comes to their work.

But Bright Kpoha, an artist in Ghana is taking it to a different level. Also known as “Realpen Pencil”, his beautiful drawings show that he is extremely talented. But how does he come up with the stunning portraits?

He combines his art with that of gymnastics!

Up and down, side to side he goes, with his pencil in hand to make an impressive work of art.

The town is brought to a standstill as onlookers stop to witness this rare talent.

“I am overwhelmed. looking at the way he was jumping and dancing and drawing me, the guy i say is talented.”

“ this is very incredible, i admire him very much. he is very good, i have not seen something like what he has done here before,” said on onlooker.

As he continues, he receives cheers that motivate him to carry on with his drawing…Nevertheless, he doesn’t stop until he is satisfied with the final result.

The questions many would ask is, why he decided to incorporate gymnastics into his drawing.

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“I combined gymnastic skills with the art because normally there are so many artists out there. they can also better draw than me but what makes you different. so you need to add some skills which can make you different from others. so what i do is that i look at the model or anyone and i start dancing, jumping around and at the end of the day they do look like the same person. that is art for you that is creativity,” said the 18 year-old artist.

His passion for art began when he was still a young boy drawing sketches of his friends and objects in his neighbourhood back in Lome, Togo where he grew up.

Orphaned at the tender age of two, Bright has been relying on his talent and skills for survival, on the streets of Ghana’s capital Accra.

He hopes to become a global artist and make an impact on the world with the gift he has.


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