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Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Trying to Hug Her on TV Screen

Ghanaian actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson’s daughter was caught on camera on Wednesday morning trying to hug her mum when she appeared on TV.

In an Instagram post soon after she had left TV station premises, Yvonne Nelson shared a video which was sent to her by her Nanny.

In the video, little Ryn made her out on the television screen and made frantic efforts to touch her.

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According to the award-winning actress, Ryn was still in bed when she left home for the TV interview.

She said the video made her emotional, and she has had to rush home to her baby.

“My nanny just sent me this ?? im all teary….. she was still sleeping when i left the house for this interview….im driving back home my baby,” she posted on Instagram.


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