Ghanaian Actress, Princess Shyngle, Says She Attracts Both Genders

Princess Shyngle wants everyone that she’s so hot that she attracts not only men but women also.

The Ghanaian actress bragged about her physical attributes on her Instagram page on Monday, November 18, 2019. She shared a smashing photo of herself and captioned it with a quote from her bragging rights.

“I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣🤣,” she wrote.

Okay, guys, we all know Princess Shyngle is one of the hottest celebrities around hence she deserves all the bragging rights.

A lot of her over 600k followers on Instagram will be glad that she has returned to the social media platform after taking a break for weeks. It would be recalled that the actress took down all her photos from her Instagram page back in October, leaving fans clueless.

Back in October, Princess Shyngle deleted all her photos on Instagram, revealing to fans that she is going through a rough patch and would be needing their prayers. The voluptuous actress made this known via her Instagram stories on Tuesday, October 2, 2019. According to her, she will be going off social media for a while over some real-life issues.

“I’m going off social media for a while. I’m going through some real-life issues right now and I need a break to get myself together. I love y’all and pray for me,” she wrote.


Even though she didn’t state what exactly she is going through the actress apparently has a lot on her plate for deleting all her photos on social media which has always brought so much attention to her personality.


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