Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim As Message For Trolls Body-Shaming Women

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has asked people to stop making women feel less beautiful when they do not look like their favorites who edit their photos or get perfect angled photos.


The mum of one stated this while responding to a fan on Twitter who praised her for not having a protruding stomach. The fan shared the photo above on Twitter with the caption

”Ratio’d with a picture of a thick baby with no belle!!”


Juliet spotted his comment and immediately corrected the impression that she doesn’t have a protruding stomach.

”FYI, I do have belle! I have a Natural pot belle oo,and it protrudes every time I eat too much, bloat or stop working out, know why?Because I AM A WOMAN! Stop making women to feel less beautiful when they don’t look like your favorite celebrities edited or perfect angled photos dear” Juliet responded


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The fan appreciated her for the enlightenment and thanked her for it.


See their exchange below:


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