Ghanaian Actor, Van Vicker Calls On Actors To Support Film Crew Members During COVID-19 Lockdown

Ghanaian celebrated actor Van Vicker has called on his colleague actors to support film crew members during the lockdown period since most of them are home and finding life a bit difficult.

In a social media post captured by, he noted, that some of the crew members including producers and directors are struggling during these difficult times, a situation which calls for actors to ensure that they too survive this pandemic since their survival is crucial for the progress of the industry after the pandemic is over.

Below is the full post


I just read an article about Salman Khan @beingsalmankhan (Bollywood actor), he extends financial help to 25,000 daily wage workers of his film industry. I am energized. By this post I am calling on all my colleague actors and actresses in the Ghanaian film industry (‘GHOLLYWOOD’) to collaborate and support our film industry and keep our own safe and alive as well; hope you will be enthusiastic with contacted. Some of the crew members (producers and directors inclusive) are struggling during these difficult times, we need to ensure that they too survive this pandemic for we need them when this is all over. Indubitably, entertainment is key during this lockdown. The World is appreciating our works. We help keep Ghana and the World entertained during this lock down. Our government and private insitutions should invest in our works when this is all over. Lets join forces to help our brothers and sisters in the film industry as well as continue with other benevolent activities. I pray other film industries follow suit. Long live actors, long live Ghana, we will overcome COVID-19 together. #actors #filmindustry #ghanaianfilmindustry #ghollywood #salmankhan #nollywood #lollywood #hollywood


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