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Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel In New Interview – “I Am Not Pretending To Be Born Again”!!

Ghanaian star actor, Majid Michel shocked fans all over the world when pictures of him laying hands on members during a church program hit the internet. For the better part of the week, many fans believed the pictures were from a movie scene till Majid took to social media to admit that he was truly laying spirit led to lay hands and that he has found and now derives more pleasure in serving God.

In a recent interview with Ike De Unpredictable on Abusua FM, Majid made some new revelations about his new found faith. He shared that contrary to views, he is not pretending or trying to get attention. According to him, he has even lost friends and fans because of his new faith. He added that being a Christian has molded his new choice of relationships and his association now helps to keep in check.  In his words  “If  you’ve a plan or goal it determines the kinds of books you read, the kinds of friends you hold and the kinds of people you hang around with and Pascal and Timothy became close to me because we’ve like minds of doing the work of God and they’ve become my friends. Even if we go to a hotel and I’ve a lady friend, I’m monitored by Pascal and he asks who that person is. Sometimes I can have friends who can entertain lady friends and that makes it very important to know which friends you can really move with…”

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