Ghana: Your Money Can Never Buy my Love – Singer Adina

Singer, Adina has mentioned that if she will date a sports personality, it will be based on the person’s attitude and not his money, Correspondent can report.

According to her, money cannot buy her love and therefore she will rather look at the attitude which will bring her happiness.

She made this known while speaking on Accra-based Asempa Fm.

She mentioned that throughout her lifetime, Abedi Pele has been her favourite sports personality.

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Adina said while Correspondent was monitoring “He [Abedi Pele] is the sports personality I like best because when I was young, he was the champion and I admired how he played football”

Sports personalities across the world have not been successful with relationships and money.

Over the years, some have become paupers overnight whereas some have suffered issues with infidelity on the part of their spouses.


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