Ghana: You Do Think I’m Unwise? – Actress, Rosemond Brown Blasts DKB

In Derick Kobina Bonney better known as DKB’s Video he said “I can’t wait to participate and win so I can go on this trip with my one and only Akuapem Poloo” in a reply to DKB’s video Rosemond Brown says she doesn’t want to go anywhere with DKB and that she has now realized He [DKB] has “bad mind” for her.

“…that is why you are bothering me with a trip, you have prepared for me, masa forget yourself I am wiser than wise…” she said.


The Duo [Rosemond Brown and DKB] have been going at each other on social media ever since Rosemond Brown pronounced a word wrongly at the stage of the Golden Movie Awards last year.

The last time the both were at the same venue was when she mounted the stage of Comedy Express. Would DKB succeed in convincing Akuapem Poloo to follow him on the trip? Let’s wait to see what pans out.

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