Ghana: ‘Wish Me Well’ Not For My Critics – Kuami Eugene

Eugene Marfo well known as Eugene has exposed bits of gossip that propose his most recent single, ‘Wish me well’ was focused at his critics or what most millennials call ‘haters’.

The song which captures Kuami at his best encourages harmony while instructing against talking sick concerning another.

speaking in an interview with Ghanaweb, Kuami Eugene who since his ascent to fame has not been spared the massive investigation and intense critiquing most celebrities experience in this nation stated, he did not direct the song at anyone or any group of people but instead talked about a more typical theme that people could easily relate to.
“This is something that speaks for people. And I did not even portray the fact that people are talking about me in the video. All I did was to show people what others are going through. I did not portray me, people talking about my dress, talking about what I do. I speak for people,” he explained.

Seeming to have grown a tough skin through all the unsavory criticisms thrown at the young artiste, Kuami Eugene noted, that getting lashed at by the public is common with celebrities and so does not see it as only him being attacked.

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“I am not the only one who has critics in the country. This country is known for criticisms, it is known for people bashing people left and right. People are ready to go online to say something bad about their fellow. So I am not the first person to see this. Lots of musicians have been through what I am going through so I don’t think I will go to the studio and sing a whole song about just myself,” he said.

In a recent interview with GNA about the same topic, The Lynx Entertainment signee said, “People make all manner of comments about others, sometimes without any shred of evidence. I have seen kings fall, due to such unsubstantiated allegations.

“In life whatever you do, you would attract criticisms from people around you, but sometimes when you sieve it, it’s cool. It’s not everyone you see with a smile, that is cool inside.”


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