Ghana: Who is Majesty Father? – Social Media Users Ask Shatta Wale

Amid the current stir caused by shatta wale, social media users, many who are fans of Shatta Wale have asked crucial questions that demand answers but one question, in particular, has caught our attention.

If Shatta Wale was giving Michy to other men to sleep with, the question many wants to know is: Who is the father of Majesty? As far as we know, Majesty is the son of Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy.

However, considering the allegations from people like Ara B and Yaa Pono who claim that Majesty is not Shatta Wale’s biological father, could it be Shatta Michy got pregnant during one of these pimping days?

This question has been on the lips of many social media users ever since Shatta Wale confessed to giving his girl to other men to sleep with.

Already some names as the possible father of Majesty have come up but will patiently wait for Shatta Wale himself to answer his die-hard fans the question that is troubling their minds


For fear of being exposed by Pope Skinny as part of their ongoing beef, Shatta Wale himself dropped the bombshell this afternoon that he allowed other men to sleep with his girl because she likes s3x too much and there was nothing he could do about it.

Wale claims the good part of the deal was that he was paid an amount of money anytime his girl goes sleeping with other men.

Although he felt shy to mention Michy’s name, nobody knows any other girl of Shatta Wale apart from Michy. Michy has been by his side for over a decade until he dumped her a few weeks ago. It’s, therefore, rational people have concluded she was speaking about Michy.

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