Ghana: The New Artistes Don’t Want to Collaborate With Me – SInger, Kwaisey Pee Cries Out

According to Ghanaian cultural setup, the young are expected to respect the aged irrespective of the rightness of the youngster. So, it’s no surprise that musician Kwaisey Peee has described the new crop of artistes making waves as damn arrogant!

Per Kwaisey Pee’s explanation, the young artistes feel big and think they know everything. Speaking in an interview, the hibernated highlife musician explained that it is difficult to get some new artistes to feature in a song.

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“They give lots of excuses and always talk about being busy. I have some songs I want to feature some of them on, so I have to wait till they are less busy,” he said.

Kwaisey Pee said the arrogance of new artists is destroying some indigenous Ghanaian sounds, especially highlife. Many of the young artistes do not make an attempt to learn all there is about highlife because they believe they know all there is, he noted.


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