Ghana: Stop Being Lazy and Look For Good News About us – Actress Salma Mumin Fires Bloggers

Actress Salma Mumin has said that bloggers in Ghana need celebrities to survive and therefore must write positive things about them rather than delving in the negatives.

According to her, without celebrities, bloggers cannot survive because they feed on them for information which in turn brings them the needed traffic Correspondent reports.

The actress who has been rumoured to be dating Kofi Asamoah of KOFAS MEDIA made this known when she was reacting to a story that suggested she wants to leave Ghana because it’s a shithole.

The actress mentioned that she has never said Ghana is a shit hole.

Salma Mumin could not fathom why the writers of the story will mention that her trips are always been sponsored by a man.

To her, she has several businesses that fetch her money and will therefore not make sense for her to depend on a man for survival.

Salma Mumin indicated that she makes millions from just Instagram and that bloggers need to desist from painting the picture of women depending on men for their survival.

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She said “It is really a shame to educate young women of today that the only way they can live the live they dream about is to get a SPONSOR (a man to spend). And am super sad that even women has come to believe and accept that all they need is a man! A man is not a bad idea but we can do it too.

To me it is an insult and disrespect to all women in GHANA. So are we saying that women don’t work? Nothing good can ever come out of a woman? Must it always be about a man? This is a terrible MINDSET.

Can’t we educate our youth that if they work hard and smart everything can be achieved?

I know women in Ghana who work and spend their own money and this is so much disrespect to US.


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