Ghana: Singer Paa Kwasi Claim Youngsters Are Not Doing Music Because of GHAMRO

High-life singer Paa Kwasi has alleged that the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) who is responsible for taking royalties for musicians in Ghana is the main reason why some youngsters are not having the zeal to choose music as career.

In a recent interview on Cape Coast based Radio Central with Amansan Krakye, the former member of music duo Dobble lamented on how GHAMRO has been mishandling affairs for Ghanaian musicians and thus pushing the youth to choose football as career instead of music.

“We are doing this work because of profit as every other worker wants to get profit from his work. Logging systems are not working, I understand but which criteria are they using to share the money. Imagine if Felix Fosu who started singing when I was a kid is taking a royalty which is less than 200 cedis then are we progressing or what? You go studio to record a song, pay studio fees, shoot a video, do everything for your song to be played at parties, on radio and so on. Imagine if you are to sell it 1 cedi and 300 people buy it, you will make some good cash instead of GHAMRO giving 100 and something cedis as royalties”, he lamented.

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The “Christie” hitmaker also bemoaned that due to this careless attitude of GHAMBRO, some parents might prevent their children from venturing into music.

“It’s not encouraging parents to support their wards to do music. When are you going to take that peanuts as royalties to buy a land and build a house for your parents. This is killing the desire of the up-and-coming artistes. Why is everyone choosing football because we all know the amount Ronaldo, Messi, and other footballers take a week but how much does musicians in Ghana. Anyway I’m only sharing my humble opinion”, Paa Kwasi added.


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